Wednesday April 19, 2017

Session 1:  Public Health Leadership in the country : Relationship between the NPHI, the MoH, other Ministries (Environment, Education and Social Affairs, Agriculture) and regions/municipalities

Issues identified by the UPHC and the Public Health Law in Ukraine

Nataliya Piven, Head of Public Health Department, Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Nataliya Nizova, Director General, Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Chair : Tracey Cooper, Chief Executive, Public Health Wales

Session 2: Modernization of NCD surveillance : Data to inform adequately the NCD strategy / action plan in the country and develop priority actions for prevention and health promotion

Implementing the action plan for NCD for Ukraine – Priority actions for the UPHC in 2017and 2018 for surveillance and health promotion

 Vladislav Zbanatskyi, UPHC Deputy Director General on NCDs 

Chair : Ivan Erzen,  Director, NPHI, Slovenia

Session 3: The Coalition of partners for strengthening public health services –  How IANPHI and its members can be an active partners of the Coalition

 The Coalition of Partners and its action plan – Anna Cichowska, Programme Manager, Public Health Services (PHS), Division of Health Systems and Public Health, WHO EURO (20 min)

Chair : Annemiek van Bolhuis, Director Public Health and Health Services, RIVM

Session 4: Priority issues of NPHIs in terms of internal organization issues/ staffing and competences, prioritization in the context of limited budget and high political demand

Introduction by Nataliya Nizova – Current Challenges of  the UPHC  (10 min)

Experiences from PHE, Paul Cosford (10 min) and Santé publique France, Jean-Claude Desenclos (10 min)

Chair : Duncan Selbie, Chief Executive, Public Health England

Thursday 20 April  2017

 Session 5: Making priorities to improve surveillance  and control of CD at the national level

ECDC approach to support reform and transition of CD prevention and control in the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) partner countries  – Maarit Kokki, ECDC (12 min)

Priority actions for the UPHC further to the conclusions of the ECDC assessment on CD prevention and control and the lab assessments by WHO/US CDC–Larisa Getman, UPHC Deputy Director on CDs (10 min)

Prioritization for CD surveillance and structuring of a modern epi surveillance for the country and a public health laboratory system

Chair : Isabel Noguer, Director, National Centre of Epidemiology,  Instituto de Salud Carlos III

Session 6: IANPHI Activities in 2017

 The European Health Information System – 24 April 2017, Anne-Catherine Viso  ( 30 min)

Work plan for 2017 – 2018 // Strategic planning – Courtenay Dusenbury – Anne-Catherine Viso (45 min)

Chair : Jean-Claude  Desenclos,  IANPHI Secretary General

You can download the expanded agenda below.


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